CartHook post-purchase upsell app FAQs - Everything Shopify stores need to know

Whether you're new to offering post-purchase upsells in your Shopify checkout—or you're already showing customers offers after the checkout and before the thank you page—these are some common questions we hear from people in your shoes.

We hope the answers help you on your path to boosting your AOV and increasing your store's revenue by 10% (or more! 10% is simply the average amount Shopify brands increase their revenue with CartHook). 

What every Shopify store needs to know about making post-purchase upsells with CartHook

Q: Can I boost my AOV with CartHook?

YES! The idea is to show those customers you have—the ones who just completed a purchase in your store—an immediate offer. Why is this a sure path to boosting your AOV? You don't risk the initial cart conversion, and your shopper sees the offer while they're still in your store, right before the thank you page. It's a fail-proof way to boost your AOV.

Q: Is 10% new revenue something my store can achieve with Post Purchase Offers?

YES! And 10% is just the beginning. Some of our customers, including Shopify Plus stores, have seen up to 30% AOV boost when their offers are accepted. An easy way to hit your AOV goal is by launching one upsell funnel. Try offering a hero product or best seller on all orders. From there you can experiment with multiple upsell funnels and optimize for seasonal sales, product releases, and offer designs that will resonate with your shoppers.

Q: Can I offer more than one post-purchase offer in a funnel?

YES! You can offer up to two upsells in every funnel using our advanced accept/decline logic. That means if your customer declines your first offer, you can offer them a second offer of any kind. (The same goes if they accept.)

Q: Can I offer upsells and downsells in a funnel?

YES! In each funnel, you have the chance to upsell or downsell based on your customer's action. Let's say they decline your first offer for an additional bottle of non-alcoholic spirits. You could offer them a lower-priced item, say a package of cocktail napkins, for a discount as a secondary downsell.

Q: Will my shoppers accept a subscription as an upsell?

YES! CartHook lets you add a subscription to your upsell funnel using any Shopify subscription app, which can resonate with your customer and increase your LTV. If your customer just bought a toothbrush, offer them a subscription for toothpaste. If they buy a bottle of multivitamins, offer them a monthly subscription of vitamin D supplements.

Q: Can I design post-purchase offers to match my brand?

YES! Start with the fact that every post-purchase offer inherits your Shopify store's theme. And our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to design high-converting offers without a designer. If you want to take your offers to the next level, follow these design tips inspired by some of the highest-converting offers in the wild. 

Q: Should I try different strategies with my offers?

YES! We recommend trying a few different types of funnels to see what your customers like. A BOGO strategy is a great way to double your AOV during the holidays, when people might buy a gift and then want the same product for themselves. Or bundle products together. A customer that just bought a pair of sneakers will want a sneaker cleaning kit. Think about upselling vs. cross-selling your products. Have you tried offering a subscription? If you ever want some advice, we'd be happy to look at your upsell funnels. Drop us a line at!

Q: Do offers perform well when they include a hero product?

YES! Leverage your top performing products by creating offers that feature them or are triggered when a customer purchases them. Want to dive more into the strategies behind winning post-purchase offers? Join us for one of our upcoming webinars and ask your questions live.

Q: Can I test offers against each other to see which ones perform better?

YES! Now you can run A/B tests on your post-purchase offers! Pit two offer funnels side-by-side to see which one converts better. A/B testing is a great way to optimize your post-purchase offers using real-time data. Learn more about why A/B testing works.

Q: Can I track post-purchase offer revenue and/or conversions with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other 3rd party analytics?

YES! You can track all data associated with your CartHook offers using 3rd party analytics tools.

Q: If my customers check out with Shop Pay, will they see my post-purchase offer?

YES! CartHook is fully compatible with Shop Pay, a tool we highly recommend for increased conversions and happier customers.

Q: Are you making any updates to your app?

YES! We're constantly adding new features and making improvements based on your feedback. Follow along by checking out our Changelog. And sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest updates.

Do you offer live chat and customer support?

YES! Log into our app and use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner, or email us at We always respond within one business day. And you can visit our Help Center anytime. 

Does CartHook outperform Zipify One Click Upsell - OCU?

YES! CartHook is the leading way to make post-purchase offers native to the Shopify checkout. We outperform Zipify in many key ways, including:

  • Quick set up and intuitive funnel builder
  • Powerful offer display criteria
  • Efficient multi-funnel set up
  • Upsell and downsell logic
  • Sophisticated offer settings and offer page design
  • Dynamic A/B testing
  • Support and post-purchase guidance from true experts
  • Pricing designed for 100x ROI

I'm still not sure I need CartHook...

Q: Do Shopify stores get a good ROI from CartHook?

YES! We're constantly hearing from Shopify merchants in all verticals about how much value CartHook brings to their businesses. Don't take our word for it.

Q: Can I try CartHook for free?

YES! Our free 14-day trial lets any Shopify store try post-purchase offers to see how they work on their store. Start your free trial now!

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